10 Reasons to Choose Preventive Dental Care at Pristine Dental 

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10 Reasons to Choose Preventive Dental Care at Pristine Dental 

Several dental care centers have been set up over the past short period. With an increasing demand for high-quality dental care, Pristine Dental Bellevue opened its doors.

We realize that you have several dental care options at your disposal, your choice can only come out clear when you learn more about our state of the art dental care.

Discover the ten reasons below for choosing us anytime you need preventive dental care.

Advanced Technology

Technology is a major element in the modern world of dentistry. Every medical and dental care facility must provide technology that is up to date. This helps in facilitating high-quality services to every group of patients or clients that seek their services. At Pristine Dental Bellevue ,we believe in continuous education of new technology available for treatment, prevention, oral health restoration, and cosmetic enhancement.

Our offices are equipped with 3D Cone Beam CT machines which help in the planning of dental procedures like the placement of dental implants or extraction of weak wisdom teeth. This current model of 3D beams delivers clear-cut, high quality and definite images while minimizing exposure to radiation.

Laser technology enables a dentist to detect early cavities which cannot be diagnosed through conventional methods. Also, we have digital X-ray machines which reduce a patient’s exposure to radiation by 85%. The pictures taken by these machines are displayed on a monitor instantly thus reducing time wasted in waiting for x-ray photographs. Staying up to date regarding technology helps us offer our patients the best knowledge and care possible.

Personalized Dental Care

Every patient that visits our center has unique needs that require special attention. This is a fact that our staff has taken into consideration. The staff members will treat the patient as an individual and in private appointments. This requires us to make every effort that can enable us to meet and exceed the patient’s dental goals. The team of specialists will address issues important to you at a pace comfortable to you. Quality is our constant while time is the variable.

Variety of Dental Expertise

Our team of qualifies doctors have experience in several fields and areas like endodontics, orthodontics, and implants. As stated before, different clients have different problems with their dental care. Such an experienced team will, therefore, be able to provide a wide variety of treatment options to suit the needs of different clients and patients.

Clean and Comfortable Environment

We have the interests of patients’ comfort and happiness at heart. We hence seek to maintain a friendly environment, be considerate, and helpful to the needs of our patients. By creating such an environment, we aim at making the patient feel relaxed and at ease whenever they visit us. We also go the extra mile to offer other amenities like;

    Spacious and comfortable medical rooms

    Large off-street parking

    Convenient office hours

Caring Doctors and Staff

Our friendly and caring team strives to create long-lasting, patient-doctor relationships that are based upon mutual communication and trust. The pleasant and family-like atmosphere is accompanied by a team of concerned and compassionate doctors who help you feel relaxed and at home.

Quality Dental Care

Every patient dreams of better and quality care whenever they seek medical attention. With Dr. Thomas Han and Dr. Sam Han at Pristine Dental Bellevue you can depend on the beauty, comfort, and quality of their techniques. The materials used in the preventive dental care process are of the highest qualities which are well inspected before use. Also, the high technology mentioned earlier is important in providing quality services.

Affordable Dental Care

We understand that not every patient seeking our preventive dental care has a medical cover or insurance. This should not bar them from getting the care they need. We will hence work with you to make the dental care affordable and flexible to your satisfaction.

We Value Patient’s Time

Our doctors have placed a high value on time. The digital X-rays, laser technology, and intraoral cameras are some of the technologies used to streamline processes and make them faster. We efficiently schedule ample time during appointments to the patient’s satisfaction. The goal here is to see you promptly and complete your care in as few visits as possible. Our practice is based on honesty and integrity.

A Dental Experience like No Other

We offer you the best experience regarding facilities and leisure. The place has relaxing music, comfortable seats, and a quiet, serene ambiance. You could also carry your own headsets and music as you wait to be attended to.

Logistical Excellence

We offer extended business hours and are open during the weekend by appointment. We acknowledge the fact that; some people may be coming from work or school late. Our doors are open to cater to your convenience.

Pristine Dental Bellevue incorporates dental science with a passion for the betterment of services. Come and have the experience of a lifetime by scheduling an appointment with us. We guarantee you only the very best.

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