10 Reasons to Choose Invisalign at Pristine Dental 

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10 Reasons to Choose Invisalign at Pristine Dental 

Invisalign was first launched in the U.S. in 1997 and it remains the top choice of teeth alignment technique for both teens and adults that seek teeth straightening options. These are a clear and transparent plastic alternative to the conventional metal braces.

It’s effective for aligning crowded front teeth. Invisalign can be removed and that makes them very easy to clean. Each aligner is to be worn for at least 22 hours in a day, and its treatment varies depending on the complexity and uniqueness of teeth movements.

If you are considering boosting your self-confidence by having your teeth straightened out, here are few reasons why you should visit Pristine Dental Bellevue.

1.    Established Relationship with Pristine Dental

After several visits to the dentist, you sure must have developed an amicable relationship with your doctor. They already know you, your previous treatments, your mouth and are familiar with working together with you. This is beneficial because it makes the whole process more comfortable for you.

2.    Experience with Invisalign

A dental clinic that is based on the bedrock of high quality and experience, exclusively offer Invisalign or an equivalent. Every possible orthodontic problem that is encountered is treated with expertise, enthusiasm, professionalism, and attention to detail. Aligners have been undergoing changes thus making it difficult to assess its effectiveness, nevertheless, experienced Invisalign doctors acknowledge this fact and do their best to ensure they only provide the best there is.

3.    Positive Social Media Presence

One of our continued goals is to provide our patients with the very best of what we were learning and creating in the field of Orthodontics. Positive word of mouth on social media, recommendations, and references has helped us grow the Pristine Dental Bellevue family of patients. We are deeply grateful and very proud of this. You are welcome to check our reviews or ask any of our new or former patients about their orthodontic experience.

4.    We Are the Best

Our staff is very precise, accurate, and cares deeply about their work. They are the most passionate, knowledgeable, professional, and fun team. We are very passionate about our patients and take pride in our dental work. We feel good about exceeding expectations and our best to ensure a good patient experience.

5.    Respect Time

Your time is very important and we respect that. Modern advances in Invisalign treatment techniques allow for fewer adjustment appointments so our patients do not miss school and work. We also text message scheduled appointment reminders to ensure you never miss an appointment.

6.    Trust Is Everything

We have and we shall continue to be the trusted choice of many Invisalign patients. A majority of medical professionals continuously seek for our expertise not just for their patients, but even for themselves and their family members.

7.    We are Innovative

The orthodontic arena is fast evolving and so are we. We incorporate new and emerging technologies like the diagnostic cone beam CT scans, computer-aided treatment, digital radiography, and intraoral scanning. This makes diagnosis more accurate and treatment much easier in addition to saving time.

8.    Striving for Affordability

In recent times, medical care has proven to be costly; however, we endeavor to make treatment affordable with adequate fees, and convenient payment schemes and no interest charges. We are also striving to provide great value for your financial commitments you are making.

Transparency in terms of payment is of utmost importance in our facility. Invisalign treatment or any additional procedures is well explained with clarity to avoid any misunderstanding and eliminate chances of hidden costs.

9.    We’re In This Together

At our facility, we can only recommend treatment when you need it. The same way we would advocate treatment for our own family members. We offer recommendations that we truly and genuinely believe in and treatment that is specifically designed to address all of your concerns. We focus on getting the details right because these are our values, and once the Invisalign journey is complete, we can still stay connected and establish a continued relationship. Our door is always open.

10.  Certified Invisalign Provider

Pristine Dental Bellevue is a proudly certified Invisalign provider. This shows you a number of cases that have been performed to earn the accreditation. It’s more straightforward especially if you want to know the credibility of any dental practice. It also shows the extent of the positive word-of-mouth referrals by actual numbers – which in many cases, results in great feedback as well.

When you choose the appropriate Invisalign provider, to rectify functionality issues with your teeth, you will save a lot of money and time. If you are in doubt about whom you should go to for your treatment, call us at 425-747-4630 or email at info@pristinedentalbellevue.com to make an appointment. We are looking forward to making you smile beautifully again.

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