10 Reasons to Choose Pristine Dental

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10 Reasons to Choose Pristine Dental

While there are numerous dental practices in WA, we at Pristine Dental Bellevue believe that you should pick us. We take our services seriously to ensure that you get everything you deserve on a dental visit. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider us if you are looking for a dental practice in Bellevue, WA.

Our Dentists Are Deeply Committed To Healthy Smiles

All our dentists are deeply committed to ensuring that you get a perfectly healthy smile. As part of their commitment to healthy and beautiful smiles for all, they engage in charity work. They have all been to a deserving part of the world where dental services are not easily available. Their singular mission in life is dedicated to spreading healthy smiles to as many people as possible.

We Have Invested In Modern Equipment

Dental health has evolved quite a lot in recent years. Just a few decades ago, it was quite common to lose teeth and have to live with it. However, advances in dental technology mean that any dental issue can be rectified, no matter how bad it seems. All our dentists are well versed in how to use this modern equipment to achieve the perfect smile. It also means that you have to spread less time in the dental chair, thanks to the modern equipment.

We Offer Flexible Financing

Our practice offers affordable payment plans for those who cannot afford the entire cost of treatment at once. As a result, you can still have that dental procedure you have always desired without having to go bankrupt. We will hold extensive discussions with you until we find a plan that works best for you.

We Accept A Wide Range Of Payment Options

Unlike some dental practices, we will accept almost all insurance plans available in Bellevue, WA. Besides that, we accept most of the major credit cards. Thus, if you need a dental procedure and are worried about how to pay for it, do not worry anymore. We will most likely accept the form of payment that you provide. Our main goal at Pristine Dental Bellevue is to give you a healthy smile.

Our Dentists Are Highly Qualified

The dentists that work at this dental office are quite qualified. All of them have a doctorate in the field of dentistry. As a result, you can expect to get only the best care when you visit the dental office. There is no case, which will prove too complex for them. Besides great academic qualifications, the dentists at Pristine Dental Bellevue often go for training courses that help them improve their expertise and learn any new dental practices being invented.

We Offer Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a relatively new type of dental treatment for correcting crooked teeth. This treatment is preferred by most adults but can also be utilized by teens if they qualify. It works great for people whose teeth have medium to slight misalignment. If you want to correct your teeth but keep it low profile, you should pay us a visit.

Our Dental Office Has A Friendly Atmosphere

Besides offering great dental procedures, we understand that a dental visit can cause anxiety. Because of this, our dentists and other staff strive to make you feel as welcome as possible. Thus, your visit to our dental office will be comfortable for you. We aim to ensure that you never miss a dental appointment because you are anxious about going to a dental office. In fact, you will be looking forward to your next dental appointment.

We Value Your Time

At our dental office, we understand that you have a busy schedule. As a result, we have invested in dental technology that cuts down on the time you spend at our dental office. Besides that, we work hard to ensure that we are always on time for your dental appointment. Thus, you will never have to reschedule any other appointment due to delays at our dental offices. If there are any changes, we will ensure that you are informed well ahead of time.

We Offer Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes, your teeth may be well aligned but you need that extra boost to help you truly stand out. As a result, our dental practice offers cosmetic dental procedures that ensure that not only is your oral health great, you also look great. Some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures we offer include veneers and teeth whitening.

Amazing Hygiene Standards

The last thing you want to do is catch an infection after a visit to our dental offices. As a result, we have invested in modern equipment and training to ensure our dental offices have the highest standards of hygiene. When you come to Pristine Dental Bellevue, you do not have to worry about hygiene. We have worked hard to ensure that every aspect of our dental practice is as safe and hygienic as possible.

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