10 Reasons to Choose Cosmetic Dentistry at Pristine Dental 

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10 Reasons to Choose Cosmetic Dentistry at Pristine Dental 

Any dental work that is done to improve the appearance of the teeth is known as cosmetic dentistry. It could range from carrying out minor procedures like teeth whitening or cleanings to a broader treatment like teeth replacement. The practice is very popular since it positively enhances a person’s set of teeth for a better appearance. However, most people believe that the procedure is of less importance or they may be expensive.

Pristine Dental Bellevue would like to share with you 10 great reasons why you should choose cosmetic dentistry at our clinic.

1.    Affordable Prices

Cosmetic dentistry can be quite on the higher side in terms of money. The costs can range from $150-$1500; some of which may be covered by your insurance plan or can be paid in cash or credit card.

At our clinic, we are more than ready to sit down and discuss our pocket-friendly available options. This will not in any way lower the quality of service, as we always strive to maintain our high standards. That should be a great reason for you to smile!

2.    Quality Dental Work

As mentioned above, you may be thinking that because of low pricing, the quality of the dental treatments could be inferior. This isn’t true. Our dentists are highly qualified and have vast experience in various dental fields.

You can be contented that when you visit Pristine Dental Bellevue, you’ll get excellent dental treatment. Should you have any doubts, you are welcome to visit our review pages and see for yourself what our patients are saying.

3.    Knowledge and Acquaintances

Practically, you would be visiting a dentist strictly for cosmetic procedures; however, it’s also an opportunity for you to learn more about your oral health. You could also get to know our doctors and establish a close relationship since we are all about positive interaction. Simple medical brochures are available at our reception to keep you updated on information which you may not have been aware of, such as new researches.

4.    Skilled Doctors

We boast of a highly qualified team of dedicated, cosmetic dentistry professionals who allow us to provide first-class care from a facility of clinical excellence to the patients in the area.

5.    Personalized Service

Our compassionate and friendly dental team acknowledges the fact that every client is unique and is treated as such. The team is devoted to acting on each patient’s specific needs in seeking to provide unsurpassed customer service. By doing this, we ensure our clients return to us from time to time. Come and experience personalized service at Pristine Dental Bellevue today.

6.    Client and Patient Comfort

One of our main values is to make sure you enjoy your time whilst in our able hands. To be able to achieve this, we offer our clients a skillful pain management technique which is very crucial in the facility.

We have effectively designed lighting fixtures, that isn’t so direct and energy draining. Minimal noise especially from dental equipment or from other patients is also considered in order to maintain serenity.

7.    Variety

Cosmetic dental procedures are essentially risk-free and have no health hazards as experienced with other more invasive cosmetic surgeries. There are multiple and advanced tooth replacement options for any age group. Modern tooth replacement options have a greater advantage than the traditional methods, such as dentures and bridges.

By using medically safe materials such as titanium for dental implants, you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile. Titanium is compatible with the human body and does not cause any discomfort.

8.    Working Hours

In our practice, working hours are slightly longer, which is very convenient as it can cater to a majority of people who may not have time during their official working hours. Technology has also made it easier for patients, both old and new, to call or email in order to set up an appointment. This helps you to plan and manage your time well.

9.    Access to Modern Equipment

Having state-of-the-art-equipment within reach is very beneficial because it saves time when a dentist has to work on veneers or crowns. It also helps to evaluate new technologies thus making them available to patients immediately. It’s also an opportunity for dentists to make even the slightest modifications where necessary.

10.    Follow Up After Treatment

Now that you have successfully managed to achieve a beautiful smile during your first appointment, you can still be able to schedule a follow-up session. This enables you to build up loyalty and trust with your dentist for future references. It’s also an opportunity to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment and if there are changes to be made.

When you’re looking for the best cosmetic dentist in Bellevue, WA, we at Pristine Dental Bellevue are proud to be your choice. We’re committed to helping you attain a healthy and pleasant smile; we encourage you to give us a call at (425) 747-4630. We can’t wait to see you!

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