10 Reasons to Choose Botox at a Pristine Dental 

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10 Reasons to Choose Botox at a Pristine Dental 

Botox is increasingly becoming the go-to choice for those who want to undergo non-surgical cosmetic enhancements. However, for people who may be new to Botox, it may appear daunting at first, more so when one is trying to find the right practitioner, and clinic to use during the procedure.

But knowing what to be on the lookout for will make the process smooth, and much easier. It also helps guarantee that you will find the right treatment based on your skin care needs. The following are 10 reasons to choose Botox at a Pristine Dental Bellevue

1.    Trained and Experienced Practitioners

Injecting Botox is not a task you want to place in the hands of an amateur. It is extremely important to make sure that this procedure is only administered by practitioners that are qualified, and experienced. Our staffs have been trained on this procedure, and they not only have the papers to prove it but past success stories as well.

2.    We Will Tell You What to Expect

The only way to know that you are truly ready for this procedure is to know what will happen. At Pristine Dental Bellevue , our practitioners ensure that they inform you of everything that will take place. If you are still not decided, they can also show you videos, and pictures of past successful procedures.

3.    We Make Sure You Are Properly Covered

We have a duty to all our clients. To make sure that you will be protected in case something was to go wrong, we ensure that we have all the right licenses. An insurance cover is essential for any clinic that is carrying out such procedures.

4.    Choose Expertise Not the Price

Whenever you need to look for a practitioner, you need to make sure that the practitioner is well established, and that they are well-trained in cosmetic beauty. Dr. Sam Han and Dr. Thomas Han are here to provide this assurance for you.

5.    Registered Practitioners

The cosmetic beauty industry has over the years been infiltrated by quacks pretending to be qualified surgeons. The practitioners at our facility are registered with all the relevant authorities and can provide documentation to prove the same if necessary.

6.    Specialization

There is nothing as important as knowing that you are dealing with a practitioner who has specialized in your area of interest. At Pristine Dental Bellevue , we have specialized in a number of fields, with Botox being one of them. To prove this, we not only provide Botox services, but we also provide additional aesthetic services such as derma fillers. We aim to help our clients reclaim their beauty and to make it possible for them to go about their business without being self-conscious.

7.    Word of Mouth

At times, the best decision that a patient can make before undertaking this kind of procedure is to speak to people who have been there. We always advise potential clients to make inquiries about our services. It is not enough for us to tell you that we are reliable if we cannot be able to prove it. Honest advice from a friend or colleague is always the best way to go about such a treatment.

8.    Hold a Consultation

If you want to know whether a clinic is reliable, check whether they provide a pre-consultation. This is one thing that makes any good clinic stand out from the rest. We make sure that the client is well informed on each procedure, including what will happen, and what to expect after the procedure.

In addition, we will also allow you to check out our facilities before you make up your mind. The pre-consultation is normally done at no extra cost to you and is a unique opportunity for you to interact with our members of staff, the doctors, as well as other clients. This will be your time to ask any questions that may be bothering you.

9.    Follow up Service

Every cosmetic procedure needs a follow-up service. It is important to make sure that the client is not left in the dark when the procedure has been completed. For any patient who is undergoing this procedure for the first time, we try and schedule a follow-up service as soon as possible.

The purpose of this visit is to help us establish whether you got the correct result. The practitioner who carried out the procedure will be present to discuss any issues that may be bothering you.

10.    Read Our Customer Reviews

Whenever we complete a consultation meeting with a client, we always ask them to go online and check the reviews left by our clients. Our website has a section where clients can go to check what past clients have to say about the services at  Pristine Dental Bellevue. Reviews are one of the best ways to judge the service provided by a practitioner, as well as the clinic you are interested in working with.

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