10 Reason for Adults to Choose a Dental Implant Today

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10 Reason for Adults to Choose a Dental Implant Today

When most people lose all their teeth, the most common restorative option is dentures. Others will choose bridges to restore their missing teeth. Although other options are cheaper than using dental implants, they can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Here are the top ten reasons we think you should always pick dental implants when you lose teeth. We at Pristine Dental Bellevue offer various options for dental implants to restore your teeth.

1.    They Help Preserve Adjacent Teeth

A dental bridge entails attaching a false tooth to the two crowns on either side. This usually means the adjacent teeth need to be ground, which can weaken them. When the bridge wears out, it can make these adjacent teeth weak. However, a dental implant does not require the adjacent teeth to be prepared in any way. The implant is placed directly in the jawbone. Even when the dental implant does wear out, it will not have any effect on the adjacent teeth.

2.    Improved Appearance

Dental implants have a more natural look compared to dentures or other types of tooth replacement options. In fact, it is usually quite easy to spot when someone is wearing dentures since they may wobble or just lack that authentic look. Since implants are permanent, it is impossible for anyone to tell them apart from your real teeth.

3.    A Boost to Your Confidence

Another reason why we at Pristine Dental Bellevue believe you should get implants is that they help to improve your confidence. With dentures, you always have to be careful when talking or eating at public gatherings. If they were to fall out, it could cause you a lot of personal embarrassment. This can have a negative effect on your overall self-confidence. As a result, you will find you want to spend less and less time outdoors.

4.    Comfort and Convenience

Removable dentures will place some hurdles in your life. For one, you will always need to carry a special cleaning solution with you when you travel. Besides that, you will need to find a specific container where you can place them when you sleep at night. If you forget any of these devices, it means you have to go out of your way to find them. However, this is not an issue with implants.

The other issue is comfort; dentures have been known to cause some soreness if they are in the mouth for too long. There is only little the doctor can do unless the discomfort becomes too much. That means you will have to schedule a dental visit often, which can interfere with your normal plans. Patients with dental implants may not even remember they have them unless someone asks about them; that is just how comfortable they are.

5.    They Are Durable

Once you get dental implants from the professionals at Pristine Dental Bellevue, you can expect them to last a lifetime. Dental implants have a success rate of 98 percent, which is the highest success rate of any dental procedure. In essence, if you do everything our dental experts tell you to do after you get your implants, they might last a lifetime.

6.    Ability to Eat Anything

Removable dentures and other types of implants put a serious constraint on the types of foods you can eat. For one, you cannot be able to consume hard nuts if you have dentures. They will simply slip out. However, you never have to pick what to eat with implants. You can eat anything as long as you maintain proper dental hygiene.

7.    Improved Nutritional Health

Being able to eat anything is not just about feeling great; it is also good for your health. It will ensure that you maintain a healthy diet. Since you do not have to be so meticulous, it could help your body’s health, which might have a positive impact on your oral health. That is the reason we at Pristine Dental Bellevue recommend you get implants.

8.    Better Speech

When you begin to use dental implants, they will act in the same manner as your natural teeth. That means you do not have to change the way you speak, either to hide the fake teeth or to keep them from falling out. There will never be a slurring or mumbling just because you got some dentures.

9.    There Is No Chance of Loss

A common problem that wearing dentures presents is that they can get lost. Although not very common, you could misplace the dentures and need to get new ones. This is not something you have to think about if your dental implants, they will always be in your mouth.

10.    Bone Growth

Once a tooth comes out of its socket, the jawbone starts to wear away. However, if you get an implant, it actually stimulates bone growth in the jawbone. As a result, the face does not lose its shape since the facial muscles have bone where they can attach.

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