All on 4 Implants – Why You Should Get Them?

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If you are still not sure whether you should get them or not, we at Pristine are here to have the conversation.

  1. Experts perform the procedure

If you choose our dental clinic, the entire process is performed by experienced professionals.

The doctors found here all have excellent educational backgrounds and a lot of experience. This combination makes them qualified to help you with your procedure. Consider us if you need to get all on four implants.

  1. You Can Get A New Smile In Just One Day

The main reason why anyone should consider this procedure is how fast it can be done. A patient can walk in and walk out with a beautiful new smile on the same day.

After the procedure, patients can be able to smile and even pronounce words that were difficult before.

  1. A high level of patient satisfaction

The level of customer satisfaction is high.

  1. There are no limitations on food

With dentures, patients always have to worry about teeth falling out if they chew on something hard. With all on four implants, patients can happily continue to munch on their favorite food without worrying about dentures falling out.

  1. The long-term costs are low

 A significant benefit of implants is the long-term costs are low. Patients do not need to worry about going back for repairs. In most cases, implants last a lifetime.

  1. The Jawbone is Retained

An implant can help to prevent the disappearance of the jawbone due to wearing down.

  1. They do not require any specialized equipment

In some cases, if you get dentures, you have to use specialized cleaning solutions. Besides that, you may have to get denture adhesive. All of these problems are avoided with the all on four implants.

  1. More confidence

If you are afraid to speak in public, you will have more confidence to share your ideas with the world with this procedure.

  1. Better speech

Without implants, it can be hard to speak well. As a result, some people might fail to take you seriously because of the way you talk. With implants, this can all change.

Pristine Dentistry combines the science of dentistry with compassion for patients. We strive to build long-term relationships with our patients by focusing on professionalism and personalized care. Dr. Thomas Han, Dr. Sam Han, and our warm, friendly staff are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service. We always place a high value on your personal needs and expectations.

Pristine Family & Implant Dentistry is a convenient and safe choice for all your adult and pediatric dental needs. Our skilled staff is here to make your experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Our goal is to provide you with:

  • A clean, comfortable dental environment
  • Caring doctors and staff who treat you with respect
  • Quality, affordable dental care for the whole family
  • A clear explanation of all procedures and treatments
  • Our sincere gratitude for choosing our dental practice

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