Who Invented Dental Implants

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Over the years, archeologists have discovered that early humans would attempt to replace their missing teeth with rudimentary types of implants. There have been remains found in China of early humans trying to place bamboo pegs as replacements for teeth. In ancient Egypt, shaped pages made from precious metals were also used to replace missing teeth. In some of the mummies found in Egypt, it was found that they had replacement teeth made of ivory.

In 1931, Wilson Popenoe found the mandible of a young Mayan woman. In the mandible were three pieces of shell, which were shaped in the form of teeth. Bone had grown around them, which indicated that they were both aesthetic and functional.

The Modern Era

From the beginning of the 20th century, there was an attempt to make implants using various materials. One of the earliest successes came in the form of the Greenfield implant system. It consisted of an irridoplatinum root attached to a gold crown. The implant would fuse to the bone and usually lasted for a few years.

Bothe, Beaton, and Davenport first attempted the use of titanium in 1904. They observed that bone would grow around titanium screws, which would make it difficult to extract them. They were the first to describe what came to be later called osseointegration.

In the 1950s, Cambridge University was conducting studying on blood flow in living organisms. They would construct chambers made of titanium that they would insert in the soft tissue of rabbits. In 1952, Per-Ingvar Brånemark, a Swede, was studying bone healing and regeneration.

In 1965, Brånemark placed the first dental implants made of titanium in a human subject. He chose the mouth since it was easy to access. Besides that, there were many people with missing teeth, which made it possible to conduct widespread studies. The subject to whom he gave the titanium implants in 1965 died in 2006 with all the implants still intact.

Common Modern Day Implants

Since the early days of modern dental implants, a few variations have evolved. These are:

  • Root form implants

  • Zygoma implant

  • Small diameter implants

What Do Typical Implants Look Like

A typical implant consists of a screw made of titanium with a rough or smooth surface. Most implants are made of commercial titanium, which comes in four grades of purity. This is determined by checking the amount of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and iron they contain. CP4 titanium is the most common grade of titanium used.

For the abutment and abutment screws, an alloy comprising of aluminum, titanium, and vanadium is used. This alloy is slightly harder than pure titanium. Most modern implants have an etched surface, to increase osseointegration, although there is no physical proof that lack of etching causes worse results.

Where To Get Implants

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